Darcel Daneau: 7 South President's CollectionSue Holdaway-Heys: 6 South President's CollectionKatherine Larson: 3 South President's CollectionSteven Huyser-Honig: 7 South Michigan Artists CollectionMonte Nagler: 6 South Michigan Artists CollectionDenise Willing-Booher: 5 South Michigan Artists CollectionKathleen Kalinowski: 3 South Michigan Artists CollectionDon Perrish: 2 South Michigan Artists Collection


Welcome to the Art for Healing Collection at St. Joseph Mercy Oakland Hospital. This Collection of art was created to enhance the patient, visitor and associate journey of the new South Tower. This collection, made up of Michigan artists, was curated to create an experience that heals bodies, nurtures souls and comforts hearts, and is divided into two collections: The President’s Collection and The Michigan Artists Collection.

We invite you to browse through the hundreds of selections and sponsor a work of art in celebration of the new South Tower addition to celebrate a wonderful patient experience, a loved one, a birthday, anniversary or just because you love the artwork.

For all Inquiries please contact the Office of Development at 248-858-3161 or fill in our Sponsor a Work of Art Form. Give the Gift of Art